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The Center for Native Grasslands Management

Summer Forage Production Economic Decision Support Tool

This tool was designed to assist Tennessee and other mid-South producers in the economic decisions surrounding the establishment and production of summer forage, including native warm season grasses, bermudagrass, and summer annuals. For those of you already familiar with enterprise budgets, this tool is similar to enterprise budgets currently available. However, an enterprise budget is worthless unless it is easy to understand and widely accessible to producers. To meet this objective, we have made these enterprise budgets web-based and interactive. This tool allows an individual to input their particular costs to create a more personalized budget for their respective operation. Before beginning the tool, it would be helpful to collect the following information from your operation:

  • acreage to be planted
  • seed costs
  • fertilizer costs
  • herbicide costs
  • fuel prices

To begin, please click on the link below or from the main menu on the left.

Summer Forage Production Economic Decision Support Tool